Monument To Military Glory In Orenburg

The monument to The Red Army military glory.

The heroic struggle in the spring and summer of 1919 has forever entered the annals of Orenburg history. More than for three months the din of the battle was not subsided. Red regiments formed from the railway depot  workers, the plant "Orles", the leather and food industries, demonstrated persistence and selfless courage.  At the end of October 1968 in the square named after Sverdlov on a concrete pedestal, patched with marble, was set the gun. Its trunk aims for the Ural River - where were defeated White Guard units, stormed the Orenburg. The iron plate, mounted in pedestal, cast the words "To selfless courage of Red Guards, regiments of Orenburg workers, who defended the city in the formidable 1919, from the Komsomol of the 60s. October 1968. "

122-mm gun model 1931/37's (A-19, the index GAU - 52-P-471A) - Soviet gun of the Second World War could not be applied in the Civil War of 1919.

At 12:02 p. m. on the 4th of July, 2013.

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