Monument To Recover Weihaiwei

Takes back the Weihaiwei monument: takes back Cheng Haiwei the monument (Shouhui Weihaiwei Jinianta) north the Weihai city, in whale garden. This tower is to commemorate Weihai to escort under the British rule to take back constructs, therefore. Constructs in 1931 the beginning of the year. On October 1 holds the opening ceremony in the same year. The tower body with 45 Laichau marble composition, assumes three lozenges. The tower footing builds three stairs with the granite, the week surrounding protection by the stone column, the shackle. The tower height 9.75 meters (32 British the ruler), will intend to will forever remember Weihaiwei to rule by Britain 32 years (1898~1930). Its shape assumes the sparganium stoloniferum, piece of will discipline China and UK are friendly, hoped that between both countries other all treaty of equality like Cheng Haiwei soon will solve; a piece receives and obeys “the Three People's Principles of Sun Yat-sen”, repairs the bright municipal administration; A piece reminisces the armor noon various martyrs. On tower frontage engraved “takes back Cheng Haiwei the monument” eight Wei Beiti the gold character, the department at that time National government Foreign Minister Wang Zhengting ("China and UK Handed over to Cheng Haiwei Specially Approximately" signature person) paints. Lower part three engraves "China and UK To hand over to Cheng Haiwei separately Specially Approximately", "the Three People's Principles of Sun Yat-sen", "Takes back the Weihaiwei Monument To record" and so on articles. At that time Weihaiwei line of politics area management government office Special Commissioner Xu Zu the friendly positive initiative, the organization constructed the tower, and composed "Takes back Cheng Haiwei the Monument To record". After the monument completes, once to at that time “the new Weihai eight scenery” one, “support the day to pull out, to discuss the port the great view” ("the Weihaiwei Guide" language). from 1940 to 1945, on Japanese invader Zeng Jiangta the partial inscribed texts rubbed off. “the Great Cultural Revolution”, in the tower during surplus writing is also ground, the replacement is the slogan slogan. in 1980 the Weihai people's government listed as it the key Cultural relic preservation organ. And Yu Tapang establishes the protection symbol. In August, constructs in the same year in the original address according to the original condition. in 1981 summer was completed.

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