Monument Valley 14
Monument Valley
Monument Valley isn't really a national park per se - it is on an Indian Reservation. It has only one hotel, where every room has that very classic view - the view that probably most humans on the planet have seen at one time or another (being featured in various western movies, roadrunner cartoons, and even the most generic drawings of the stereotypical American West - go on, search for "american west" on google images and see what comes up!) We thoroughly enjoyed Monument Valley - it has a tranquil magic that is not found in other places. If you ever find yourself with 1000 miles of this place, do make the effort to make the journey. It's worth it.
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Jeffrey Martin
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The United States is one of the most diverse countries on earth, jam packed full of amazing sights from St. Patrick's cathedral in New York to Mount Hollywood California.The Northeast region is where it all started. Thirteen British colonies fought the American Revolution from here and won their independence in the first successful colonial rebellion in history. Take a look at these rolling hills carpeted with foliage along the Hudson river here, north of New York City.The American south is known for its polite people and slow pace of life. Probably they move slowly because it's so hot. Southerners tend not to trust people from "up north" because they talk too fast. Here's a cemetery in Georgia where you can find graves of soldiers from the Civil War.The West Coast is sort of like another country that exists to make the east coast jealous. California is full of nothing but grizzly old miners digging for gold, a few gangster rappers, and then actors. That is to say, the West Coast functions as the imagination of the US, like a weird little brother who teases everybody then gets famous for making freaky art.The central part of the country is flat farmland all the way over to the Rocky Mountains. Up in the northwest corner you can find creative people in places like Portland and Seattle, along with awesome snowboarding and good beer. Text by Steve Smith.