Morros - Maranhão

The main tourist attractions are the hills and Una rivers Munin, whose which the waters are crystal clear and cold, the churches and old houses are other attractions.

The Una River has a considerable beauty to have clear water. Its bed is composed of fine sand, some sections of rocks and stones, and their margins, composed of lush vegetation. It can be enjoyed both tours in small boats or canoes that will take the visitor well known as other resorts: One of Mato Grosso, Spa One of Pauline, the Spa Good Taste, Great One, ecological trails, rocks Una, Una women , One of the scouts, Moraes One of Arruda and waterfall, the most beautiful of all spas. Away from the city and difficult to access, reserved car just pulled through trails, waterfall Arruda is a heavenly place, formed by a small waterfall and natural swimming pools that provide magical moments for all who come there.



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