Mount The Door One Day

One day Menfang disk in the Red Gate Palace Road to the south, built in Ming Dynasty, the amount of participation in politics long light problem, the Qing Emperor Kangxi in 1717 fifty-six years of reconstruction, the amount of the governor Censorate Li Shude title "One day the door. " There were questions on both sides of the Ming Dynasty "wonders of the world"and "Pan Road, Qi Gong at the" characters monument. Daizong Fang is the gate of Mount Tai, one day the door is the beginning of the ladder, people have gradually from the earth into heaven. Square, 355 meters wide, the door wide and 265 meters, 47 meters-high, two single-door Shihfang column. Have the amount of square columns at Fang, the amount of plates and lintels, two-column article by applying foundation stone column piers on both sides of rolling facilities. Fang bucket on the amount of set four, fighting on the ridge of four five-care vinyl structure injection, relief tile roof ridge. Rolling stone pier relief honeysuckle pattern, groups such as flowers and moire. Square both sides Longqing before Yang can be a big issue between "world wonders"and the price of the book Jiajingnianjian Sun "Pan Road, Qi Gong at the" characters monument.

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Shandong, ancient place of for the Qi and Lu, located at the east China coast, the Yellow River downstream, the Beijing Hangzhou big canal's north section, the provincial capital supposes in Jinan, in the province the main super city has Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai, Zibo. Western connects the interior, with Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu four provinces borders on separately from north to south; Middle high suddenly, Taishan is the throughout peak; The eastern Shandong Peninsula enters Yellow Sea, north separates the Bohai Sea channel and the Liaodong Peninsula relative, surrounds and protects Beijing and Tianjin and Persian Gulf, east separates Yellow Sea and the Korean Peninsula faces one another, the southeast is near depends on broad Yellow Sea, to look out south East China Sea and Japan the chain islands.