Mountain City Mountain Forest Inscription
Tai Shan has always been more trees. Since the late Qing Dynasty, government corruption, mountain cut loose, requent wars, hurt the forest, to the eve of the founding, the only remaining ancient forest residues less than two hundred hectares. 1948 Xiatai the city's liberation in September to establish Mount Forest, which closed forest line. Fifty years, farm workers and all walks of life in Thailand, living stone, drink spring, the more risk involved in stream, despite wind and rain, fighting hard for several years, salamanders make green. After forestry workers camped, well Cultivating, the planting line, eaves, Yu Ran, forest area expanded to twelve thousand hectares, the forest coverage rate of eighty percent stumpage of five hundred thousand cubic meters, is rarely seen in history . Eighties Taishan was listed in the World Heritage List, the nineties as the national model of state-owned forest parks and national forest for a Pokka. Under the leadership of the government, the next enerations of forestry workers with the Dai masses, hard work, Green Mountain, in the contemporary era, to benefit future generations, the German industry and the Mount Qi. On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of stablishment of forest ruling Article to put this stone in order to hang permanently. Is to remember.
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Shandong, ancient place of for the Qi and Lu, located at the east China coast, the Yellow River downstream, the Beijing Hangzhou big canal's north section, the provincial capital supposes in Jinan, in the province the main super city has Jinan, Qingdao, Yantai, Zibo. Western connects the interior, with Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu four provinces borders on separately from north to south; Middle high suddenly, Taishan is the throughout peak; The eastern Shandong Peninsula enters Yellow Sea, north separates the Bohai Sea channel and the Liaodong Peninsula relative, surrounds and protects Beijing and Tianjin and Persian Gulf, east separates Yellow Sea and the Korean Peninsula faces one another, the southeast is near depends on broad Yellow Sea, to look out south East China Sea and Japan the chain islands.