Mt Cooke, Darling Range
Mount Cooke (582m) is the highest point on the Darling Range and a popular day walk location from Perth. It is also situated on Western Australia's premier walk trail, the Bibbulmun Track, which stretches nearly 1000 kilometers from Perth hills to Albany and is home to the track's Mount Cooke shelter situated on its lower slopes. http://climberswa.asn.au/climbwa/crags.asp?region=Around%20Perth&crag=Mount_Cooke&sort=NAME
Copyright: Tomasz Makarewicz
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7600x3800
Taken: 27/11/2010
Uploaded: 04/02/2011
Updated: 11/08/2014


Tags: mt cooke; mountain; hiking; trail; bush; bushwalking; hills; darling range; perth; wa; western australia; bibbulum track; walk; outdoors; australia; tomasz makarewicz; aus; oz; mount
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