Munich Platzl Hofbraeuhaus

The Hofbraeuhaus at the Platzl-Square in Munich is a mainly by tourists very popular destination. All around there are very typical Bavarian restaurants, such as a sushi bar, Planet Hollywood or the Hard Rock Cafe.

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Volker Uhl
Markus Matern
Near the famous Hofbräuhaus
Hofbraeuhaus Muenchen
Willy Kaemena
Hofbräuhaus München
Michael Pop
Hofbräuhaus in München
Volker Uhl
Pfisterstrasse - Sparkassenstrasse
Alexander Tokmakov
HB Hofbräuhaus
Allan De Leon
Allan De Leon
Allan De Leon
Marienplatz x-mas shops
Volker Uhl
Muenchen Alter Hof
Markus Matern
Alter Hof München
Willy Kaemena
Water Reservoir Amoreiras
Christopher Blake
Pomham Rocks Lighthouse - over the tower
Reinhard Schubert
in der ausrangierten Lok auf dem Schöneberger Südgelände
Rodrigo Gonzalez
Pais vasco san sebastian atardecer construccion vacia spain 2009
Geoff Mather
Trevone Bay, Low Tide, Cornwall, England
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Exposición Reziklarte
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At the cemetery on the Death's Day in Targu Mures
Gregory Panayotou
The Wreck at Gadji Bay (Lagoon Decay)
Fruit Shop Quseir
Kostya Dmitriev
Kamenets Podolsky Castle Wall
Alexey Bazlaev
Gornih Duhov Lake
Fernando Pinto
Torre: Apa do Pratigi
Martin Hertel
Mt.Etna - Bocca Nuova
Martin Hertel
Longyearbyen Harbourview
Martin Hertel
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Lock of Rechicourt
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Venice - Rialto-Bridge
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Hammerfest - Arktisk Kultursenter
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Volcanic crater of Solfatara
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Death Valley - Dantes View
More About Munich

Munich is the capital of the German state of Bavaria and is Germany's third largest city, located on the River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps. Black and gold - the colors of the Holy Roman Empire - have been the city's official colors since the time of Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor.