Post Cubist Art Gallery

Why do we call ourselves Post Cubists?

From the beginning of the twenty century the new form of society and technology required a revolution in the style. Therefore in the modern time pablo Picasso broke through the previous forms and colors. Working two years with another painter called Baroke they developed geometrical forms of all subjects and they called it Cubist. Since that time everything in society, has been influenced by this Cubist way of thinking. Dr. Javid believes the form should be released and become free of geometrical form one more time.

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Copyright: T. emrich
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 11248x5624
Uploaded: 28/11/2009
Updated: 17/07/2014


Tags: post cubist; art; gallery; oil; pablo picasso; kunst; gallerie; öl; gemälde; mamasani javid; maler; künstler; javid; mamassani; painting; expressionist; tollwood; winterfestival
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T. Emrich
Javid Mamassani's Ölgemälde
T. Emrich
Javid Mamassani's Kunstausstellung
Markus Matern
Tollwood Christmas Market, Pizza Hut
Markus Matern
Oktoberfest 2007
Markus Matern
Tollwood Weihnachtsmarkt, Tipi
T. Emrich
Das Glocknerhaus
Markus Matern
200 years Oktoberfest Innkeeper Procession
T. Emrich
Die Welt der 1000 Klänge
Jürgen Schrader
Rudolf Wachter at St. Pauls church in Munich
T. Emrich
Spirituelle Akzente in der St. Paul Kirche
Markus Matern
Towerview St. Paul, West, South
T. Emrich
Light-Sound in St. Paul Church
Mohammad Shirani
Tioman Beach in Night
Bane Obradović
Narrow gauge steam locomotive, Mokra Gora
Peter Pajor
Ta Keo Angkor Cambodia
Takács István
Kupola Lent2
Malinnikov Ruslan
Cabine electric locomotive siemens ukraine
Rahim hamada-www.deja-view.org
Nilometer Bottom View
Peter Pajor
Angkor31 Panorama
sk vadim
Inside Tonnel 2
Marin Giurgiu
„St George” Cathedral 1833-1855, Tecuci, Romania
Marcelo Botta
Rubens Cardia
Martian Landscape with Rover Deck - NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell
Maurizio Romano
Tianzifang in Taikang Lu - Shanghai
T. Emrich
Waterworks at Rotes Tor Augsburg, Aerial View
T. Emrich
Spring at Hofgarten
T. Emrich
Sunny day at the slope
T. Emrich
Tollwood Winterfestival 2009
T. Emrich
Sunrise over Golden Gate Bridge
T. Emrich
Swiss Air Force's Axalp Demonstration
T. Emrich
Seven Falls waterfall
T. Emrich
Staffelsee Aerial View
T. Emrich
T. Emrich
Parish church Maria and Vitus
T. Emrich
Statue of Jakob Fugger
T. Emrich
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Munich is the capital of the German state of Bavaria and is Germany's third largest city, located on the River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps. Black and gold - the colors of the Holy Roman Empire - have been the city's official colors since the time of Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor.