Mures County prefecture
Targu Mures
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Michael Pop
Mures county Prefecture on a december night
Mures County Prefecture on a sunny summer day
Ferenc Suba
Center of Targu Mures
Eugen Festeu
Prefecture and Culture Palace
Mures County Prefecture, Tirgu-Mures, Romania
Mures County Prefecture's reception hall
Conference Hall, Mures Prefecture Building, Tirgu-Mures, Romania
Climbing the stairs of the Prefecture's Tower, Tirgu-Mures, Romania
Inside the Tower of the Mures Prefecture, Tirgu-Mures, Romania
The Balcony of the Conference Hall, Mures County Prefecture, Tirgu-Mures, Romania
The Palace of Culture - lower floor, Tirgu-Mures, Romania
Michael Pop
Targu Mures town center at night
Pedro Menezes
Madeira Island - Funchal New Year's Fireworks 2012
Vlad Rotmistroff
Spherical nodules
Jeff Fillmore
Master Gracey Laid To Rest
"Sea Corps" Regatta. In the open sea
Tomek Zuk
Church in Zeliszow
omid jafarnezhad
*** Kakh Moze 40 Sotoon Esfahan ***
Rudolph Thomas
Bettys Bay Beautiful Sunrise Standing Next To Ocean
Marek Kocjan
Auschwitz - "ARBEIT MACHT FREI" - a bird's eye view
kiyoharu takamura
Kibouhou in Yugawara
Cape Meganom. Evening meditation
Ola Heloe
Oppkuven in Nordmarka
Michael Pop
Entrance to the Peninsula Rock Festival
Michael Pop
Easter Market in Bistrita near the burned german church
Michael Pop
The Liars Bridge in Sibiu by night
Michael Pop
Sorpatica Ciuc Artificii
Michael Pop
The Christmas Market in Sibiu
Michael Pop
Looking up to Sibiu old town centre
Michael Pop
Concert with romanian popstar Andra in Sibiu
Michael Pop
Corund, the yard of Ilyes Mihaly
Michael Pop
The Toldal fishing-lake
Michael Pop
Famous romanian drummer Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica
Michael Pop
Charles de Gaulle Square in Bucharest
Michael Pop
Toilets and shower zone at the Peninsula Rock Festival
More About Targu Mures

Marosvásárhely / Târgu Mureş lies at the junction of three geographical regions (Mezőség / Câmpia Transilvaniei, Maros Valley and Nyárádmente) at about 220 meters above sea level. The city extends onto both banks of the Maros / Mures river, however, the downtown area and the greater part of the districts are located on the left bank. The Somos-high is the city's highest point (465m above sea level, GPS co-ordinates: width N 46° 33,1840'; lenght E 24° 35,9050' ) The city's climate is moderately continental.The city is surrounded by the following townships: Marosszentgyörgy (Sîngeorgiu), Jedd (Livezeni), Marosszentanna, Marosszentkirály, Koronka (Corunca) and Maroskeresztúr.Distances between Târgu Mureş / Marosvásárhely and some of the major cities in Romania:    * Bucharest: by rail 448 km, by road 346 km    * Brasov / Brassó / Kronstadt: by rail 282 km, by road 171 km    * Cluj-Napoca / Kolozsvár 127 km by rail, by road 105 km    * Sibiu / Nagyszeben / Hermannstadt by rail 189 km, by road 124 km