Museum of Folk music and musical instruments, Tbilisi

Museum of Musical Instruments was established in 1975. It was created by the Ministry of Culture of the Georgian SSR on the basis of the Museum movie theater music and choreography. Hosea is a collection of mechanical musical instruments collected by Arkady Revazishvili. Since the founding of the museum, exhibits and staff were forced to replace five different buildings. Since 1984 the museum was separated into a separate institution and received the name of the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments. Since 1989, Revaz Kotrikadze led the museum and in 2006 he initiated the museum was renamed the Museum of Folk music and musical instruments.

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  • rainex about 1 year ago
    just perfect place to visit! the owner of museum perfectly speaks georgian, russian and polish! great to visit with him:) 10/10
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    Ilia Zakaraia
    Ilia Zakaraia
    "Meidani" in winter, Tbilisi, Georgia
    Ilia Zakaraia
    Church By The Name Of Metekhi At Night
    Ilia Zakaraia
    Church by the name of "40 sebastieli mocameta saxelobis" at Abanotubani, in Tbilisi ,Georgia
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    old Tbilisi
    Ilia Zakaraia
    Meidani at night, in Tbilisi, Georgia
    Ilia Zakaraia
    "Kalaubani" , Tbilisi, Georgia
    Yuri Lobodin
    bridge of "metexi"
    Ilia Zakaraia
    Tbilisi at night, view frome narikhala
    Ilia Zakaraia
    Tbilisi at night. Veiw frome Metekhi Bridge
    Ilia Zakaraia
    "Meydani" in winter
    Ilia Zakaraia
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    North Pyramid (Red Pyramid) El Marazeek Dahshour Egypt
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