Museum - Old Town Pharmacy - In Spitzweg Cabinet

The Old Town Pharmacy in Radolfzell on Lake Constance is a small museum.

In addition to the old pharmacy and their inventory, there is a railway exhibition
and a small cabinet with exquisite paintings from Spitzweg. Another highlight is the corner room where photos shows the old views on glass in the respective windows.

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Tags: lace constance; radolfzell; museum; old town pharmacy; herb chamber
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Peter Stein
Museum - Old Town Pharmacy - In the herb chamber
Peter Stein
Museum - Old Town Pharmacy - In the bay window of the house
Peter Stein
Museum - Old Town Pharmacy - At the pharmacy
Peter Stein
Carsten T. Rees
Seestrasse, Radolfzell, Lake Constance
Carsten T. Rees
Cathedral of Our Lady, Interior View, Radolfzell
Peter Stein
Carsten T. Rees
Cathedral of Our Lady, Mount of Olives (15th Century), Radolfzell
Peter Stein
Peter Stein
Carsten T. Rees
Lake Constanze near Radolfzell
Peter Stein
Radolfzell - city park - cacti group
Casamento kassius e shaira
Andrew Usatyuk
Cathedral Square
Ramin Dehdashti
The Azadi Tower at night
Bjørn K Nilssen
Juvet in Songdalen
yunzen liu
Wuhan Qintai Grand Theater
Levent ŞEN
Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque
Jordi Munné Ruiz
Canons de dalt vila 1
Andrey Ilyin
St.Basil Cathedral - main church
Nikos Biliouris
Carnival party at Naousa
Thomas Humeau
Hanoi streets
Thiago Eriksson / Over Digital
Cachoeira Véu de Noiva - Urubici
Peter Stein
Kuessaburg Rondell
Peter Stein
Shop Souvenir
Peter Stein
Caunes-Minervois - Abbatiale Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul
Peter Stein
Peter Stein
Hohentwiel - in front of the new portal
Peter Stein
Kuessaburg with Airplanes
Peter Stein
Hohentwiel - front of the Eugene's Bastion
Peter Stein
Gauchach Gorge
Peter Stein
On the waterfront promenade from Überlingen
Peter Stein
Peter Stein
The canal bridge of Beziers
Peter Stein
tower wastewater treatment plant
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