Namadgi NP - Brandy Flat Hut

Brandy Flat Hut (a little historical info here) in Namadgi National Park.

The hut is located at Brandy Flat where two fire trails (Brandy Flat FT and Gudgenby Creek FT) meet. The hut kind of serves as roughly a half-way point marker for the Brandy Flat walk which involves walking along almost an entire length of Brandy Flat fire trail, from Glendale Depot car park to the Brandy Flat south car park (and back, if not car-shuffling).

Facing north from Brandy Flat (i.e. away from the hut itself) in the photo, the trail on the left is Brandy Flat FT which heads towards Glendale Depot; on the right is Gudgenby Creek FT which stretches north east towards Caloola Farm. The latter fire trail was very badly damaged in 2011 and has a number of huge holes (one of them covering the entire width of the trail - was a little bit tricky to cross in my bushwalk early last year).  Update: March 2014 - the firetrail has been fixed, all good!

Just to the left of the hut in the photo shows Brandy Flat fire trail continuing south. After this point the trail becomes less flat, and starts going up and down a few times, steep and lengthy in certain sections, until it reaches the main sealed road (Boboyan Rd I believe). The up and down bits of this fire trail should provide good exercise for anyone who is not very fit (myself included, heh).

One more thing to note is a short (roughly 1.5km) walking track from Glendale Depot car park (just in front of the locked gate) to the fire trail. The original track was badly eroded in 2011 (still is in January 2012) near the start. The hole created by the erosion is too big and is now uncrossable. Luckily there is an alternative (if faint) track developing - officially or not I'm not sure - to get around the eroded sections. Once past that point, the track is overgrown and invisible in a few short sections but can otherwise still be traced easily after a certain point. Update: March, 2014 - that part of the track has now been diverted to avoid the eroded area altogether.

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