Guangdong Province
南澳县位于闽、粤、台三省海面交叉点,是广东省唯一的海岛县。它由主岛南澳岛和附近22个岛屿组成,总面积130.91平方公里,其中主岛面积128平方公里,海域面积4600平方公里,总人口72449人,素有“粤东海上明珠”的美誉。 南澳1号古船(Nan'ao 1 ancient ship),简称“南澳1号”,是2009年09月26日在中国广东汕头市南澳岛县举行水下考古抢救发掘启动仪式上宣布对此前被名为“南海Ⅱ号”的明代古沉船进行正式更名,理由是根据考古精确命名惯例,以其发现地为名,也是结合当地政府和公众的意见和报请国家文物局同意的。 http://baike.baidu.com/view/115635.htm
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More About Guangdong Province

Guangdong Province, referred to as "Yue ", the provincial capital Guangzhou, the jurisdiction of cities in 21 provinces, including two deputy provincial cities (Guangzhou, Shenzhen), prefecture-level cities 19. Formerly Kwangtung, Canton, is Pinyin GuǎngDōng. Guangdong is the southern coast of mainland China, a province located south of Nanling, the South China Sea, Hong Kong and Macao, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi and Fujian border, and Hainan across the sea. It is a Han Chinese as the main provinces, the country's 56 ethnic groups are distributed in the province. Guangdong customs and in language, history and culture, have a unique aspect, the internal department has three people, and northern China are very different. Guangdong GDP value has surpassed Taiwan as China's most economically developed provinces in the most open culture.