Blesses the people temple
Jiangxi Province

Blesses the people temple to be situated in the Jiangxi Province Nanchang Democratic Germany road and Su Pulu the intersection point, northern side the city 81 main road parks, East Lake east bank. builds in Southern Dynasty Liang Tianjian the year, originally housing which contributes Yuzhang Wang Wei synthesis Shi of Ge Yudan. Initially on name blue temple. According to clear Qianlong year the version "Nanchang Government office Will" records, Southern Dynasty Liang Daishi, Yuzhang Wang Shige the sturgeon dwelling occupies the city west end, the dwelling southeast has the flood dragon well. The day jail year ( 502-519), in the well “the flood dragon fights really violently, Yuzhang Wang Xiaozong makes big buddha one, by town flood dragon.”Tai Qing first year (547), Ge Xunjuan the dwelling constructs the temple, because consecrates the town flood dragon big buddha, the temple name calls “the big Buddhist temple”. At that time was big the Buddhist temple founder given name, already might not test. Tang Kaiyuannianjian, renames Kaiyuan Temple. Undergoes 4 years greatly (769 years), zen eminent monk Mazu said that a line comes the temple view, square follower converges the Hong continent, the apprentice 139 people, causes Kaiyuan Temple to become the south of Yangzi River Buddhist studies center.

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More About Jiangxi Province

Jiangxi (Jiangxi Province), referred to as Gan, located in the southeast, the south bank of the Yangtze River. 733 AD Emperor set for River Road, Southwest province name derived, because of the major rivers within the Gan River derived short. Since ancient times, abundant resources, cultural blend, known as the "Imperial Treasures, outstanding"reputation. The total area of 166,900 square kilometers of Jiangxi, population 44,321,600 (end 2009), by the composition of the 11 prefecture-level cities, the provincial capital Nanchang.