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National Aircraft Inc‎ - Airplane Junk Yard 1

National Aircraft Inc‎ is one of the privately-owned "boneyards" near the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona. While not nearly as vast as the real "bone yard" in the air force base, it IS publicly accessible - at least part of it is anyway. The multitude of sharp objects in many of the other places prevent this place from allowing folks to wander completely freely, for insurance reasons I guess. Bob, the friendly guy working there when we arrived, showed us a giant gash of a scar going the length of his forearm as evidence of this. Yes, you do want to be careful wandering around here. It's not really a place for kids (the Pima Air Museum just across the way however certainly is). Oh yes, and you can buy stuff here. Airplane seats, bombs (dead ones I think), propellers, gauges, and any other part that might have come from an airplane that your heart desires. And by the way, this place won't be getting any new parts from the military - the regulations now stipulate that all airplanes that are decommissioned must be cut into 5 inch squares. That's a lot of squares. Address of National Aircraft Inc: 4851 South Kolb Road, Tucson, AZ 85730-4147. Phone: (520) 790-7373‎

Copyright: Jeffrey Martin
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7200x3600
Uploaded: 19/04/2010
Updated: 05/06/2014


Tags: junkyard; boneyard; airplane; aircraft; junk; treasure; handheld panorama; cockpit
  • jonathorup 7 months ago
    Don, Is there any chance that I could get you to shoot me an e-mail at jonathorup@gmail.com? I had a few questions that I could really use your help with. I'm a State Trooper in Iowa. Not a pilot, but needing your expertise. Thank you Sir, Jon Thorup
  • Ron Hirkala about 1 year ago
    Hello looking for a rear bulk head sta. 230 on a Cessna 182f pn 0712616-1 thanks ron 304-374-4798
  • Don Howell about 1 year ago
    From Don Howell, former General Manager of National Aircraft, Inc. YES, after more than 50 years in the same location the business closed permanently as of 12/ 31 /2012. I have basically retired but still have many contacts around the industry and have helped several companies, museums, to locate obsolete aircraft parts.
  • Jeffrey Martin over 1 year ago
    what????? really???!!!!! say it ain't so!!!
  • Jerry over 1 year ago
    This yard is closed and all material has been removed.
  • Jeffrey Martin over 1 year ago
    Hi Everyboy, We are NOT "National Aircraft Inc" we are only a website with 360º Photography :-) You should google them, which I just did, their phone number is (520) 790-7373 - contact them, not us :-) Thanks!
  • Rand Southard over 1 year ago
    I am looking for front door post strap plate. The thing that covers the bolts holding the hand strap in place. Cessna, 172, 185, 206, 210, 1962 -69 I need 4
  • Julio Garcia-Granados over 1 year ago
    Looking for a few FIRST CLASS seats from a junked airline. Any info , location , price etc. grafully apreciated. Thank you. bajajulio@gmail.com
  • Cal over 1 year ago
    I am looking for a STR 9X (or TR1985) Transceiver / radio. Actually two of them but one would be o.k.
  • Paul over 1 year ago
    Hello - I am looking for an afterburner can or jet engine or gas turbine hot section casing. Basically a tubular section of inconel to turn into a heater for my garage. Roughly 12-20" diameter by at least 15" long. Got anything like that?
  • Scott over 1 year ago
    I'm looking for a heated windshield for a 1974 Navajo Chieftain Thanks, Scott 314-575-7474
  • Richard Larrabee almost 2 years ago
    I'm looking for a Huey UH-1 and a 747 to turn to Restaurant. Be nice to see photo.s cost blacksmithranch@gmail.com Richard
  • michaelgates almost 2 years ago
    Call me I'm looking for the largest prop amphibian aircraft you have 901-864-8218
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