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Norderney shipwreck

Schiffswrack auf Norderney am Inselende unweit Baltrum.

Copyright: Chris Witzani
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 8400x4200
Taken: 30/07/2008
Uploaded: 10/02/2009
Updated: 15/05/2014


Tags: schiffswrack; schiffswrack; norderney; norderney; inselende; inselende; ostfriesland; ostfriesland; nordsee; nordsee; dünen; dünen; baltrum; baltrum; schipwreck; north sea; norderney; shipwreck; north sea
  • Emmassyn over 1 year ago
    I like this.. a very real and enjoyable shot. This is my first visit on a brand new "google earth" discovery! Keep taking these shots... if no other reason.. to help people like me, who will never be able to go anywhere, to at least get this bit of exposure. To me, you are a hero and an inspiration. Thank you
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