Nuernberg, Germany - Castleview from Hallertor

View at the Inner-Old-City and Nuremberg Castle from an elevated position close to the medieval inner-city wall. The pano was taken around 15:00 on May 20th 2009.

Type: Spherical
Resolution: 16000x8000
Uploaded: 21/05/2009
Updated: 17/08/2013


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More About Nuremberg

Wikipedia: Nuremberg (not to be confused with Nürburg) (German: Nürnberg [ˈnʏɐ̯nbɛɐ̯k]) is a city in the German state of Bavaria, in the administrative region of Middle Franconia. It is situated on the Pegnitz river and the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal and is Franconia's largest city. It is located about 170 kilometres north of Munich, at 49.27° N 11.5° E. The population (as of January 2006) is 500,132.