Obviously, my job is boring...

Although, I think that my job as a panographer is the best that I can get, my cat thinks something totally different. When she's not minding her own business, she shows me a big yawn and tells me that it's boring to sit behind the computer. Cats...

Copyright: Littleplanet.Nl Roelof De Vries
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 11736x5868
Uploaded: 18/01/2013
Updated: 30/06/2014


Tags: cat; yawn; at home; at work
  • Roelof de Vries almost 2 years ago
    THNX :) Fun shots are the best
  • Phil Warner almost 2 years ago
    Cool shot and I see a second cat by the window.
  • denbo68 almost 2 years ago
    Can't be boring... you have quadcopters in the background.
  • Patricia Müller almost 2 years ago
    Prachtig stukje werk! Well done! Gefeliciteerd ... ook aan Felix, de kat!
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