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Oktyabrsky Bridge, October

Bridge over the Yenisei River, Krasnoyarsk, Russia. The bridge connects the banks of the Yenisei River and runs through the Tatyshev Island. This photo is the part of a tour of the seasons, consisting of 12 panoramas taken from the same point with an interval of about one month. Taken on October 13, 2012.

Copyright: Anatolij Semyonov
Type: Spherical
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Uploaded: 25/04/2013
Updated: 17/07/2014


Tags: nature; seasons; bridge
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    Anatolij Semyonov
    Мост Октябрьский, Январь
    Anatolij Semyonov
    Oktyabrsky Bridge, February
    Anatolij Semyonov
    Мост Октябрьский, Март
    Anatolij Semyonov
    Мост Октябрьский, Апрель
    Анатолий Семёнов
    Oktyabrsky Bridge, May
    Анатолий Семёнов
    Oktyabrsky Bridge, June
    Anatolij Semyonov
    Oktyabrsky Bridge, August
    Анатолий Семёнов
    Oktyabrsky Bridge, September
    Анатолий Семёнов
    Oktyabrsky Bridge, November
    Anatolij Semyonov
    Мост Октябрьский, Декабрь
    Анатолий Семёнов
    Oktyabrsky Bridge, July
    Anatolij Semyonov
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    Anatolij Semyonov
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    Anatolij Semyonov
    Skala Takmak / Takmak Rock
    Anatolij Semyonov
    Skala Ermak / Ermak Rock - view from the trail
    Анатолий Семёнов
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    Anatolij Semyonov
    Skala III Stolb / Third Pillar Rock
    Anatolij Semyonov
    Skala Babka / Grandma Rock
    Анатолий Семёнов
    Skala Storozhevoj / Guard Rock
    Anatolij Semyonov
    Хребет Торгашинский, останцы
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