Office of the President, Republic of China (Taiwan)
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Walker Young
Entrance Hall, Office of the President, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Walker Young
Office of the President, Republic of China (Taiwan)
Walker Young
Hand-in-Hand To Safeguard TAIWAN
Walker Young
Jerry Max
228, MonumentTower,Taipei
Michael Chien
MichAdel | Taiwan Fury Protest 2013.01.13
Walker Young
Million Voices Against Corruption
Walker Young
National Taiwan Museum
Walker Young
Taipei Zhongshan Hall
strongco worker
台北市臺灣省城隍廟 Taipei City Taiwan Sheng Cheng Huang Temple
Chung YuHsien
Majeed Panahee joo
Henna Art Gallery June 2012 Reza Lavasani 01
Jan Koehn
Max & Moritz Prize - International Comics Shows of Erlangen
Markus Freitag
-Schönberger Strand- Seebrücke bei Nacht
Fernando da Rosa Morena
Operating room for treatment of burn patients
Zoran Strajin
Wooden Art Factory - dark, Bethlehem
Akila Ninomiya
: Ohtsuchi, Iwate pref. (201203251619)
Tony Redhead
Tempura Miuraya
Gary Quigg
Castle Ward Historic House 7
Praia Coeiros1
M/V Revenge moored in Montecristo Island
Marco den Herder
Dordrecht - Open Day Hoebée Shipyard during 'Dordt in Stoom'-event
Walker Young
Hanshin Shopping Area
Walker Young
Taipei Confucian Temple
Walker Young
Jyuejiang Shopping Area in Yancheng District
Walker Young
The Grand Hotel
Walker Young
Walker Young
The Mayor's Residence Arts Salon
Walker Young
R9 Central Park Station
Walker Young
Love River “Nong” 21 Bridge (Vibrant Lives)
Walker Young
Heritage and Culture Education Center of Taipe
Walker Young
The Main Stadium
Walker Young
Neiweipi Cultural Park
Walker Young
Fishermen's Wharf, Former Banana Warehouse
More About Taipei

Taipei 臺北 is the capital of the Republic of China (ROC, Taiwan), on the southwestern edge of the Pacific Ocean. The lush island of Taiwan is also known as "Formosa".