On the Deck at Doringkloof Boskamp
South Africa

The Baviaanskloof is one of the more remote areas of South Africa. This area is around an hour and a half from the closest town. The road from Willowmore is quite accessible and anybody who does not have a 4x4 and wants to visit this area, is recommended to go into Baviaanskloof from the Willowmore side. In the Baviaanskloof are several lovely camping sites maintained by the local farmers.

This truly stunning campsite is located on the farm Doringkloof. This camp site is in the middle of the bush and a 4x4 is required to get to it since to get to it you need to ford a river and go over a trail that requires good ground clearance. The site itself is however beautiful and well-tended with electricity, fresh water and wildlife frequenting it.

For visitors to 360cities, please note that the direct links to other panoramas are as the crow flies and bears no resemblance to the time it takes to arrive at those other locations. Especially not in the rugged, mountainous terrain of Baviaanskloof :).

Copyright: Gideon Van Zyl
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 7706x3853
Taken: 10/05/2013
Uploaded: 25/05/2013
Updated: 14/10/2014


Tags: dam; camp site; water; bush; bush camp; oudoors; adventure; wildlife
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