Opera de Arame - Wire Opera House

Situated in the same complex of 'Pedreira Paulo Leminski', another famous concert space, the Wire Opera House ('Opera de Arame' in portuguese) was constructed with tubular steel in the middle of a former quarry in 1992. It's one of the most visited touristic attractions in Curitiba.

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Emilio Campi - 360 Total
Ópera de Arame
Diogo Figueiredo
"Wire Opera" from front
Diogo Figueiredo
Inside "Wire Opera"
Rafael Ramos
Opera De Arame
Tariana Mara
Opera De Arame, Curitiba, Brazil
Emilio Campi - 360 Total
Parque das Pedreiras
Tariana Mara
Pedreira Paulo Leminski, Curitiba, Brazil
Diogo Figueiredo
Tangua Park - Front
Tariana Mara
Tangua Park, Curitiba , Brazil
Fernando Zequinao
Tangua Park/ Parque Tanguá - Curitiba, Paraná.
Rafael Ramos
Tangua Park
Diogo Figueiredo
Tangua Park - Tower
Heiko Pieper
Death Valley Dantes View Mountaintop
Jens Ruppert
Altes Zollhaus 02763 Zittau, Herwigsdorfer Str.2
Dusan Skrabak
Za bunkrom BS-8 "Hřbitov"
René van Gageldonk
From de series "beauty spots, Veere": townhall
roman codavr
Киргизия. Ала-Арча. пик Кошевого 4280м
Roy Reed
Lanyon Quoit - under the capstone
samart khemwong
Wat Phra That Doi Wao
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Paris Metro Station - Alésia
omid jafarnezhad
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Dmitry Yurlagin
Peak Molodezhnyi, second summit
Mauro Innocenti
S'Ortu Mannu - Villamassargia
Tadashi IKUTA
sake brewery
vgfx photography mabg
Opera de Arame - Wire Opera House
vgfx photography mabg
MON (Museu Oscar Niemeyer) side ramp view
vgfx photography mabg
Tangua Park - Curitiba Parana Brazil
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