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Tom Kim
Sarlat France
Grupo de Montaña Malaga
Tesoro Cave Lake Room
Roy Baardsen
Taadi Hotel 2014
Roy Baardsen
Balcony Street
Erik Bjers
Elmina Castle Cape Coast Ghana Court Yard
Erik Bjers
Elmina Castle Cape Coast Ghana Sunset By The Fishing Nets
Erik Bjers
Elmina Castle Cape Coast Ghana Fishing Boas
Roy Baardsen
St. George's Hotel, Accra, Ghana
Erik Bjers
Airport City At Night
Roy Baardsen
SJ's House
Roy Baardsen
Sj House
Ebick Ngoma
Willy Kaemena
Syrian Railways Restaurant 2007
Calvin K McDonald
Goblin Valley Floor, Emery County, Utah, USA
Jook Leung | 360VR Images
Gullfoss Waterfall Iceland 2013
kiyoharu takamura
fukasawa zeniarai benzai-ten
Jan Köhn
Blue Lagoon - ICELAND
Johan Offermans & Karl Overholt
Inside the Volcano
Luis Erantzcani
Cardón en Espíritu Santo
Marcus Marstaller
Urdenbacher Kaempe In Ice
Jürgen Diemer
Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain
Heiner Straesser - derPanoramafotograf.com
Porto Posterno, Malcesine, Lago di Garda, Italy
Scott Harper
Mile Hi Peak
Puerto Mogan - Yellow Submarine interior cockpit
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More About The World

Welcome to Earth! It's a planet having an iron core, with two-thirds of its surface covered by water. Earth orbits a local star called the Sun, the light of which generates the food supply for all the millions of species of life on earth. The dominant species on Earth is the human being, and you're one of the six billion of them! Humans have iron in their blood, and their bodies are composed of two-thirds water, just like the planet they live on. The physical composition of the Earth, its people and everything on it contains an electro-magnetic field which is not yet fully understood. Theories and legends about the origin of Earth, people and life itself abound, however they are not commonly discussed. The bulk of earth's people spend their time immersed in daily activities, leaving the big questions for later. "Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? How will we get there?" Many religions and philosophies have attempted to answer these questions over the years, but so far none has given an answer that everyone on the planet can accept. In contrast to all the disagreement, the similarities among people on earth are far, far greater than any differences. Welcome again to Earth! Enjoy your stay, and try to stay calm.