panoramic view "Essen Berliner-Platz Okt. 2008"
Copyright: Reinhard H
Type: Cylindrical
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Uploaded: 06/05/2011
Updated: 21/04/2012


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Tom! Striewisch
Loveparade-Bühne am Berliner Platz
Jürgen Diemer
Essen Nordstadt
Tom! Striewisch
Demolition of a department store
Tom! Striewisch
Limbecker Strasse
Tom! Striewisch
Tom! Striewisch
Tom! Striewisch
Fußgängerbrücke über die Schützenbahn
Tom! Striewisch
Porschekanzel / CityCenter
Tom! Striewisch
Porschekanzel und Citycenter
Jan Metzler
St. Johann-Baptist
Jan Metzler
Burgplatz - Essen
Sascha Hübers
Burgplatz - An der Lichtburg
John Roberts
La Boca Arch, Dome Plateau, Moab, Utah, USA
鼎典全景,Ding code panorama,
长春朝阳公园----望湖亭东侧林荫道,Changchun chaoyang park
Sven Fennema
The small chapel
Sven Fennema
Abandoned Powerplant - Cathedral of rust
John Roberts
Northern Arm, Lake Powell, Hite, Utah, USA
Mario Gaetano Brucculeri
Blossom Horses
Thomas Schubert
Emmauskirche in Dresden-Kaditz, Germany - Spiral Staircase
Tanja Barnes
Salvation Mountain, Niland California
John Roberts
Hickman Natural Bridge, Capitol Reef National Park, Torrey, Utah, USA
Mark Weber
Upper Antelope Canyon
Tomasz Makarewicz
Peak Charles - the Cave
鼎典全景,Ding code panorama,
长春天嘉公园景观(32),Changchun days jia park
panoramic view "Essen Berliner-Platz Okt. 2008"
More About Essen

Located along the river Ruhr, Essen was traditionally a significant coal and steel center, one of the largest in Germany. Essen has modernized, hosting a number of large German corporations and boasting a vibrant cultural offering at a number of venues, particularly the Aalto Theater, which is an architectural masterpiece and home to ballet and opera. Essen is also regarded to be a “city of shopping”, particularly since the opening of the Metropolis shopping mall.