79. Parshwanath Jain Shwetamber Temple, Maniktala, Shyambazaar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India @ Humayunn Peerzaada

This temple is situated in the Maniktala of Shyambazaar in Kolkata. It is known as Badridas temple as also Parshvanath temple. Here is installed an idol of Shri Shitalnath Bhagavan. it is white in complexion, about 70 cms in height and in Padmasana posture, and simply majestic.

From ths point of view of sculpture and architecture, this temple in Calcutta is famous throughout the country. The construction of this temple was commenced by Rajbahadur Badridas, the son of Lala Kalkadas under the inspiration of his mother.

A spot was indicated to him in his dream and the idol was unearthed and discovered from there. With all joy and gaiety it was brought here and ceremoniously installed at the auspicious hands of Acharya Shri Kalyanasurishvaraji in 1867 A.D. All are just stunned by the wonderful art of this majestic temple.


Copyright: Humayunnn Niaz Ahmed Peerzaada
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10304x5152
Taken: 08/10/2007
Uploaded: 18/06/2013
Updated: 04/01/2014


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