Passeggiata Coperta - Bastione Saint Remy

The 'Passeggiata Coperta' is located in the Bastion of Saint Remy Cagliari. Inaugurated in 1902, was used as a banqueting hall, then during the First World War as a nurse. During the Second World War was used as a shelter to displaced people whose homes were destroyed by bombs. In 1948 it hosted the first trade fair of the Sardinia. Finally, after many years of neglect, the 'Passeggiata Coperta' was restored and used as a cultural space reserved for art exhibitions

Copyright: Ivan Sgualdini
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 11204x5602
Taken: 14/09/2011
Uploaded: 14/09/2011
Updated: 07/08/2014


Tags: gallery; art; sardegna; cagliari; bastione; show room
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Ivan Sgualdini
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Ivan Sgualdini
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Bastione di Saint Remy
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Bastione di Saint Remy - Cagliari
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Stairs to Bastione di Saint Remy
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