Passo dello Stelvio at 2'380 Meters

Made on an ebike tour going from St.Maria near Müstair up to the Umbrail pass and up to the Stilfserjoch. Then later 2'380 meters down to Tirano via Bormio.

It goes down here not to steep direction Bormio. You can see in the background the top of the Umbrail pass.

See also in German  http://www.quaeldich.de/paesse/stilfser-joch/

Copyright: Fritz Hanke
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 22600x11300
Uploaded: 13/08/2014
Updated: 15/08/2014


Tags: umbrail; stilfserjoch; stelvio; st.maria; tirano; bormio; ebike
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