Pedra Furada - Jericoacoara

Pedra Furada is a rock formation located next to Serrote, created by crystallization together with the sea and wind erosion. It is a 20-minute walk from Serrote, and it is even possible to take a beach walk during low tide. In Pedra Furada you will find guides who will offer you drinks and supervise the current conditions of the area, giving tourists some instructions to follow when visiting this amazing place so full of energy. You can take the Serrote way back, checking out another view of the beach and the rock formations, caves and some gigantic rocks situated in incredible positions. PLEASE NOTE it is prohibited to climb on the rocks. During the low tide beach walk you can see natural aquariums full of colored fish, some of which can only be reached with the help of a guide.

Copyright: Rodrigo west
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 6000x3000
Uploaded: 02/01/2012
Updated: 17/10/2014


Tags: beach; nature; jericoacoara
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John Ryan
Jericoacoara Panorama Dsc05846
John Ryan
Jericoacoara Panorama Dsc05865
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Jericoacoara Panorama Dsc05841
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Jericoacoara Panorama Dsc05254
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Jericoacoara Panorama Dsc05890
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Jericoacoara Panorama Dsc05434
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