Peruvian Independence Day Celebration in Seville, Spain. July 28

On Sunday 28, the Peruvian community of Seville gathered in the park El Alamillo, like every year. Like the previous day in the consular premises, yet unobtrusive simplicity shone with solemn date. Peruvian Associations prepared a large evening shows with a variety of artistic expressions of the distant land. This day the park was Peruvian.

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Edmundo Paz Torres
Peruvian Independence Day Celebration in Seville, Spain. July 28
Jose Ortega Schweighart
Alamillo Bridge
Alamillo Bridge of sevilla
Jose Ortega Schweighart
Puente Del Alamillo
Manolo Rubio
Cartuja sport estructura
Macarena Basilic of Sevilla
Patrick Hegarty
luis davilla
macarena virgin in sevilla
Jose Ortega Schweighart
Patio palacio pumarejo
Jose Ortega Schweighart
Mercado calle feria
Richard Hart
Apartment Living Area Seville
Juan A. Olmo
Jardines de America, Seville
luis davilla
royal hall. royal palace. aranjuez
Maxim Ritus
Ostrog Synagogue
Ricardo Pi
El alma del Ebro - Expo 2008 - Zaragoza
Martin Broomfield
Seaweed Shamba (Garden), Matemwe, Zanzibar
The Old Market [Siem Reap, Cambodia]
Malinnikov Ruslan
Trebinje, Trebišnjica river in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Noctilucent clouds and a rowing boat
Ricardo Pi
Instituto Tecnológico de Aragon ITA. Camara semianecoica para ensayos de Compatibilidad Electromagnetica (EMC)
Kostas Kaltsas
Sunset at Milos Beach, Lefkada
Kleines Matterhorn - Rundblick vom Gipfel
Sunset from Pre Rup (Prae Roup, Angkorian Temple) [Cambodia]
Ning Lee
Edmundo Paz Torres
Jimbe. Barrio Agustín Castro
Edmundo Paz Torres
Chimbote Plaza2
Edmundo Paz Torres
Runners at Cuesta Manelli beach, Matalascañas
Edmundo Paz Torres
Esquina entre los jirones Gambini e Independencia
Edmundo Paz Torres
Espinar and Bolognesi street - Jimbe Peru
Edmundo Paz Torres
Plaza de Armas, plataforma de izamiento de la bandera
Edmundo Paz Torres
Chequen archaeologycal site, Chepen
Edmundo Paz Torres
family and friends in Calalberche
Edmundo Paz Torres
Agustin Castro countryside
Edmundo Paz Torres
Saint Vincent convent
Edmundo Paz Torres
Croos Street of Slaughterhouse
Edmundo Paz Torres
Catholic church of Jimbe
More About Seville

Seville is the cultural, financial and artistic centre of Andelucia in southern Spain. Seville is also the capital of the provence of Andelucia and the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona with the population of the metropolitan area being 1.4 million. Seville has many beautiful sights, buildings, museums, parks and historical locations.