St. Peter's cathedral gardens, Brno

St. Peter and Paul's cathedral in Brno, CZ is one of the dominant structures in this little town. One can see it from far away, when arriving and is seen long after you leave the city limits. 

It's present structural appearance is relatively young, when in 1904-1905 the two dominant towers were added.

Just beneath the cathedral, bisphoric gardens serve their calm atmosphere. Enjoy a summer evening there and you won't regret.

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Taken: 04/09/2011
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Updated: 09/10/2014


Tags: church; cathedral; religion; history; dominant; park; bench; relax; center; brno; czech; known
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More About Brno

Brno is Czech's second largest city. It's a place full of peaceful country folk who drink more wine than Bohemians, their Czech friends to the west. Brno hasn't been trampled by many tourists, so it has quite a different character than the capital city, especially from the eyes of a visitor.