Officials of PICup 2010

Shown above are the Officials of PI Cup 2010. This is the team that has made PI Cup 2010 a very successful sports events!

PI Cup 2010 is a charity sports competition hosted by the Komisi Pemuda of GKI Pondok Indah. Basketball, Female 3-on-3, and Futsal are the sports being played. The event was held on weekends starting 17 July to 1 August, with the last day being the climax as all of the final matches and closing ceremony were being played that day.

With 13 churches incorporating a total of 36 teams participating in all the different sports branches, each has sent in their best teams to play and have fun for a good cause! All teams are encourage to uphold "Respect & Fairplay" during all of the matches played within this competition ;). The participating churches are: GKI Bintaro, GKI Bintaro Utama, GKI Ciledug Raya, GKI Cinere, GKI Gading Indah, GKI Kebayoran Baru, GKI Maleo, GKI Palsigunung, GKI Pamulang, GKI Sarua Indah, GKI Serpong, Gereja Katolik St. Stefanus, and of course GKI Pondok Indah as the host. The supporters that came with the teams also provided a lot of spirit and enjoyment.

GKI Kebayoran Baru emerged as winners of Basketball, where as St. Stefanus had awesomely skilled ladies who won the 3 on 3 competition. GKI Pondok Indah brought home the Futsal trophy.

As PI Cup 2010 is above all a charity event, all of the competition winners will donate the prize money they've won to their own chosen charity or institution they feel need the extra support.

For more info regarding Komisi Pemuda GKI Pondok Indah and its future events, visit www.pemudagkipi.org.

See you in the next PI Cup!

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