The Pingyao North China first bodyguard office: North China first bodyguard office museum located at the Pingyao old city east south avenue road 22.before, during and after the entire hall total area 1000 square meters, divide, the multistoried house compound four parts, opens 6 exhibition rooms and two exhibition regions, since fully and has reappeared Qing Dynasty Qianlong really Our country Bodyguard office unique post appearance. the bodyguard office, takes our country early time insurance business, it develops along with the Ming and Qing Dynasties commercial trade's development, its function thought that the industry and commerce trade customer ships the cash is a large amount. According to "Martial arts Collects Ancestor" states, is known as the god fist invincible native of Shanxi opens black five in the Qianlong year, leads all outside Beijing front door the avenue opening remarks “prosperous” the bodyguard office. the North China first bodyguard office, is refers to the Daoguang Dynasty by Wang Zhengqing, to wear two gates, left two to be established places such as Pingyao, Qi County, Wen-Shui “with is popular male”, “too Shui river”, “prosperous” three big bodyguard offices. But the king, wears, the left three people, piece of Wu Dezhao, the name is inspiring the river high and low; Two piece of skill in wushu excel. Opens the bodyguard office, either the cash ships, hands over to under escort, or the cargo transportation, satisfies meantime the commercial trade to implement the need which the cash settles accounts, thus, once prosperous development. The money shop is born, bodyguard office service sharp decline. The most prosperous time, was when the end of the Qing domestic situation confusion. Enters Republic of China, each kind of police arm the convoy to appear, the bodyguard office deteriorates one after another, withdraws from the historical arena one after another. the North China first bodyguard office introduced in the Qing Dynasty middle period northern region bodyguard profession's three outstanding characters, namely god gun Wang Zheng the minister, iron legs left two, the Chinese boxing imitating various animals famous expert wears two gate three personal bodyguard life story as well as three personal bodyguards in the bodyguard office material. The bodyguard office wards off in the rear court has practices the musicians who play percussion instruments, the common contemporary martial arts amateur practices in this, also the common tourist participates in the activity. Therefore to studies the Chinese bodyguard profession the historical development, studied martial arts school and so on North China Chinese boxing imitating various animals, long-range punch histories to provide some material objects and the material. Simultaneously has alternated some facts which three martial arts world people and teach other people, has certain characteristic.

Copyright: Jacky Cheng
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Shanxi located at Mt. Taihang west, east of Yellow River. Name of the Shanxi, because of occupies Mt. Taihang west to acquire fame. Was called since old times ?Biaolishanhe?. Spring and Autumn Period time, most districts for Jin all, therefore abbreviation ?Jin?; The Warring States initial period, Han, Zhao, Wei three divide the Jin, because and calls ?the Three-Jin?. The entire province total area 156,000 square kilometers, the total population nearly 34,000,000 people, presently govern Taiyuan, Datong, Shuozhou, Yangquan, Changzhi, Xinzhou, Luliang, Jinzhong, Linfen, Yuncheng, Jincheng and so on 11 locally administered levels, altogether 85 counties, 11 county-level cities, 23 municipal districts. Provincial capital Taiyuan, provincial government in the Taiyuan Municipal government east street. Rich tourism resources in Shanxi Province, historical monuments, scenic spots more. There are more famous Yungang Grottoes, Mount Temple group Jinci, Yingxian Wooden Tower, Yongle Palace,Xuankong Temple , Hukou Waterfall, Temple state solution, such as Hongtong large tree.