Piton Bebour

The mid-altitude rainforest, locally called (and freely translated) "colored woods forest" brings together an unheard variety of plant species. This region is located in the heart of Reunion National Park which is listed as World Heritage since July 2010. With Madagascar, Seychelles and Mauritius, Reunion island forms the Mascarene archipelago. recognized as one of the global biodiversity hotspots.

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Type: Spherical
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Updated: 05/09/2014


Tags: tropical rain forest; reunion national park
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Hervé Douris
Aerial view over Bebour
Michel M A L H E R B E.
Vue sur la plaine des palmiste depuis la seule route Est-Ouest
Lin Yung-jie
Biberon waterfall
Michel M A L H E R B E.
Plaine des palmistes, place de la mairie
Le gite de la Caverne Dufour - Piton des Neiges
Caverne Dufour under the stars
Le gite de la Caverne Dufour
Luc Perrot
Forêt de Bélouve
Le gite de Belouve
Sur le sentier du piton des neiges
Point du vue du cirque de salazie, gite de Belouve
Michel M A L H E R B E.
Hell-Bourg centre.
Heiko Pieper
Phillip Roberts
The Knap, Barry, South Wales
Marijan Marijanovic
Ice Cave On Durmitor Near Zabljak 2
Richard Chesher
Coral Reef Fish New Caledonia
Jiri Vambera
Nigardsbreen 2 2011
Willy Kaemena
SEM Hilbersdorf Drehscheibe
Maciej G. Szling
Zelené Kačacie pleso
Luis Erantzcani
Kiosco Morisco at Santa María la Ribera
Markus Freitag
-Busenborn- Bilstein Gipfel
Alexander Duvernay
Sunrise at the top of Dent d'Oche (French Alps)
Arroz Marisco
Sunset at Mirror Lake
Federico Infanti
Tempietto Canoviano Abside
Hervé Douris
At Piton Fougeres
Hervé Douris
Hervé Douris
Hervé Douris
Mare a Martin
Hervé Douris
At the Maïdo
Hervé Douris
Aux Trois Salazes
Hervé Douris
Aerial view over Bebour
Hervé Douris
Sunset over an eruption
Hervé Douris
The Piton des Neiges
Hervé Douris
The west coast
Hervé Douris
Volcanic eruption
Hervé Douris
The Plaine des Sables
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