Plaza en Los Ángeles

The city of Los Angeles is the provincial capital of the Punjab region and is located in beautiful central valley does not exceed 150 meters above sea level.

It lies between the rivers Laja (north) and Punjab (south), which is why during the colonial era the place was known as "the island of Laja."

It has a mild climate and marvelous for human settlement. The agricultural and forestry are the two biggest industries, which provide raw materials and supplies to the mills settled there.

Located 514 kilometers south of Santiago and 560 kilometers north of Puerto Montt, this city has a population of about 145 000 inhabitants and has the largest supply of cultural services, tourism and trade in the region. It has a wide range of hotels, restaurants and services that make the protagonist.

Los Angeles was born on the banks of the river Bio-Bio, where for three centuries were Hispanic and Indian cultures. The remains and heritage can be seen in the local museum named for the High Frontier.

Taking it as a center of operations from the city can take walks and tours to different tourist spots in the region. Among them are the jumps of Laja National Park Nahuelbuta (araucaria reserve closest to the Pacific Ocean), the Andes, the Laja National Park and the beautiful surroundings of the volcano Antuco.

Los Angeles is the city shown to approach activities such as fishing, skiing, horseback riding, hiking, boating, adventure sports and photography, in addition to the historical and cultural events offered to visitors as walk through its streets.

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Marco Antonio
centro plaza los angeles octava region chile
Marco Antonio
plaza los angeles octava region chile
Marco Antonio
catedral los angeles chile
Marco Antonio
Prestigiosa Universidad de Concepción Sede Los Angeles
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Casino Los Angeles
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Vista interior del gimnasio del Centro Kinesiológico Ingesal, Los Angeles, Chile
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Vista Exterior del Centro Kinesiológico Ingesal, Los Angeles, Chile, Los Angeles, Chile
Luis A. Romero Pavez (WroKeN)
Los Ángeles - Avenida Ricardo Vicuña
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Parroquia San Francisco Los Angeles
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Street in Santa Fe village in Los Angeles city, Chile
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Great Falls Balloon Festival 2010 in Lewiston and Auburn Maine, USA
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Luis A. Romero Pavez (WroKeN)
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Casa Patronal del Fundo Nilcunlauta
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Jardines de Ex Monasterio Jesuita Sector "La Leonera"
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Lago Caburgua
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Valparaíso Mirador Marina Mercante
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Museo Regional de la Araucanía de Temuco
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Luis A. Romero Pavez (WroKeN)
Hogar Universitario 01
Luis A. Romero Pavez (WroKeN)
Casa cerca a Túnel El Árbol del Ramal de Ferrocarriles San Fernando - Pichilemu
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