Pomonal Mower Muster 2011
Grampians National Park

On Australia Day 2011 the Pomonal Fire Brigade held its second Mower Muster as fundraising event and community get together. The small community of Pomonal is currently holding the world record for the largest number of ride-on mowers mowing at the same time.

This great event is supported by volunteer firefighters and supportive members of Pomonal and neighbouring communities who contribute to this unique Australia Day celebration which ends with an Aussie BBQ, old fashioned games and a slippery slide wet by a fire truck.

People interested in supporting this annual event find further information on http://pomonalmowermuster.com

Picturesque Pomonal is located in the Grampians region of the state Victoria in southeastern Australia.

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More About Victoria

Victoria is Australia's second smallest State and covers only 3% of Australia's land area but has the second highest population of all States and Territories. Victoria's mainland and islands have a total length of 2,512 kilometres coastline which is about 4.2% of Australia's 59,736 kilometres of coastline. Australia is the driest inhabited continent and Victoria is no exception although the state capital Melbourne has the reputation to have 4 seasons in one day. Victoria is located in the southeast of mainland Australia and includes the most southern point on mainland Australia at Wilsons Promontory National Park.