Roman aqueduct Pont Du Gard

The roman aqueduct Pont du Gard. Build in the 1st century AD to supply water to the city Nimes. It is 270 meters long and 48 meters high. Since 1985 it is on UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.

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Tags: roman; aqueduct; river; nature; bridge
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Jose Maria Ocana Rizo
Pont du Gard
Rouillier Marc
Just under Pont Du Gard
Jakub Hruska
Walking on Pont du Gard
Erik Krause
Le Pont Du Gard
josu barandiaran
Img 549910
Krister Bergenfeldt
Roman aqueduct Pont Du Gard
Krister Bergenfeldt
Pont Du Gard
Krister Bergenfeldt
Roman aqueduct Pont Du Gard
Jose Maria Ocana Rizo
Pont du Gard from view point
Jakub Hruska
Under the Pont du Gard
Jakub Hruska
Viewpoint near Pont du Gard
Krister Bergenfeldt
Roman aqueduct Pont Du Gard
Bernardo Patino
John Gore
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Krister Bergenfeldt
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Krister Bergenfeldt
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