Promenade [Soko Banja]

Sokobanja is a place with the longest tourist tradition in the former Yugoslavia - first recorded in 1837 issued a voucher, and it says the "district officer of the SPA Mr Milovan Jovanovic captain," to the approval of "our prince," Mr. Ensign Lazarevic "sent to the Spa for using them hot water, "and his blagorodiju is recommended to clean his apartment and finds that his usual ration set -" for oke meat, one eye of bread, salt, and one candle a day, "Djoko a spa doctor recommended that he provided the means of that finds it necessary to treat his illness. However, before this period Spa is a place in which people came even from najudaljenih over the then Ottoman Empire. In the city center still is a Turkish bath, accompanied by Prince Mihailo Obrenovic built living quarters. Tourists can see the bathtub and he used the famous Prince.

Although not recorded as they were the first symptoms of tourists, it is known that in the surroundings of a spa and clinic for lung diseases, and eye clinic. In addition, the spa opportunities are beneficial for the treatment and rehabilitation of psychoneurosis, neurasthenia, easier forms of high blood pressure, chronic women's diseases, chronic rheumatism, sciatica, conditions after injuries, anemia, bronchitis and bronchial asthma. The novelty in the spa are also available for relaxing anti-stress program with numerous walks, baths, massages and healthy foods for which this region is known. The local restaurants to compete as to taste and portion size to attract more guests. Most local restaurants preparing food under a baking lid, and almost unavoidable "kravajčići" bread prepared in this way, and the famous lamb.

In the part where the traffic is not allowed, the beautiful marble sredeno promenade and a center of cultural events during the season. In addition to coffee shops, pizzerias, pastry chefs, with fast food stores there are traders with souvenirs and toys.

Right next to the promenade and park with playground for children, and partly for a walk with benches for rest and relaxation. Squirrels are living at the park. Within this park is inhalatorijum which used natural hot water for inhalation, which flows through the Park.

There is also a Turkish bath in which it also uses natural hot water. Built on the foundations of the Roman baths and the building is very authentic, as the outside, and inside, even when preserved from the time of Prince Milos when he came in Soko Banja use the benefits of this healing water (XVIII century). Because of this authenticity in the bath is taken and the part of the movie "Animal Farm".

In addition to the promenade and the local Church of the Transfiguration, renovated a few years ago, and is a beautiful building with wonderful frescoes izslikanim.

It is quite an experience during the evening hours prošeteti marble paved central street in Soko Banja, where during the summer season is very lively. Here are located many restaurants, cafes and restaurants, and street vendors of everything, painters, photographers ...

Today it is considered environmentally Sokobanja municipality, and the Tourist Association of visitors are "green republic" get "a passport to eternal youth" ...

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