Qinhuangdao Qiuxian Into The Sea 5-Warring States Period Style

Qin Huang strives for immortal entering the sea: the Qinhuangdao strives for immortal entering the sea place; According to "Shihchi · Chin Shihhuang This Discipline" records, Chin Shihhuang patrols the Jieshi - Qinhuangdao east 215 B.C., and does obeisance the sea in this, sends Lu Sheng, Hou Gong, Han Zhong and so on two groups of alchemists to take along the boys and girls like sea successively to ask the immortal, seeks the immortality medicine. Ming Xianzong the Cheng Hua 13 years, vertical “Qin Huang strives for immortal entering the sea place” stele, by discipline beautiful scenery. Qinhuangdao, ancient is the Jieshi region, because east Chin Shihhuang patrols in clears the way for the emperor's passage acquires fame in this. Qin Huang asks the immortal entering the sea place scenic area, the old tree to be towering, the sight fluttering flags, have both the deep cultural connotation. By the Qin wind imperial palace, Qin Huangdong patrols the god vulture, the Warring States character and style, the immortal ancestral hall, to ask the immortal park and the peacock garden, the Qin emperor amusement park is composed.

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