Quay of Ob in Novosibirsk. City Day 2010
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Tags: russia; novosibirsk; feast
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Igor Marx
Novosib 128
Paul Melnikov
Ob river embankment in Novosibirsk
Igor Marx
Novosib 129
Igor Marx
Novosib 130
Igor Marx
Novosib 127
Igor Marx
Novosib 099
Ganin Alexandr
Old House theatre in Novosibirsk
Igor Marx
Novosib 126
Igor Marx
Novosib 125
Kommunalny most
Igor Marx
Novosib 131
Heinz Kirschner
Viewpoint kampenwand germany
Rob van Gils
Nature of Glass
T. Emrich
Top Express Gurgl
Pierre Chaton
Inside the Utstein submarine
Stefan Geens
Sana'a: View from a rooftop at sunset
Karim Lozès
Sous le pont des Belles Fontaines, Juvisy-sur-Orge
Quseir In
Rob van Gils
Circle of Peace
Ramin Dehdashti
Naqshe Rostam
Rob van Gils
Tony Pincham - Images for Industry
Albandeira Beach
Richard Chesher
Pontoon New Caledonia Coral Reef
Ganin Alexandr
The burning of Lady Maslenitsa
Ganin Alexandr
View of Chibit village
Ganin Alexandr
Yard of Voznesensky cathedral. Novosibirsk
Ganin Alexandr
May day bike ride 2012. Uluscherga
Ganin Alexandr
Сamomile field near Turochak along the Biya river. Altay mountains
Ganin Alexandr
Dsc03912 Panorama Equi
Ganin Alexandr
Path to the botanical garden. Novosibirsk
Ganin Alexandr
Snow slide at shopping mall
Ganin Alexandr
Volochaivka hill. Museum and monument to the heroes of the Civil War
Ganin Alexandr
Flower fields near Morozovo
Ganin Alexandr
Departure Inya, bridge
Ganin Alexandr
Quarry at the Iogach river. Altay
More About Novosibirsk region

Novosibirsk region is a part of Siberian federal district of Russian Federation. It's located in south-west Siberia and adjacent to the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia's Altai region. Its administrative and economic center is the city of Novosibirsk.