The City Sertolovo, Street "Dmitriya Kozhemyakina" , Near Restoraunt "Predmestye"
St. Petersburg

The City Sertolovo, Street "Dmitriya Kozhemyakina" , Near Restoraunt "Predmestye" Lenengradskaya Region.

Sertolovo (Russian: Се́ртолово; Finnish: Sierattala) is a town in Vsevolozhsky District, Leningrad Oblast, Russia, located north of St. Petersburg. Population: 47,854 (2010 Census preliminary results);[1] 38,444 (2002 Census);[2] 17,705 (1989 Census).[3]

It was founded in 1936 on the place of a former settlement of Ingrian Finns, whose inhabitants were deported. Urban-type settlement status was granted to it in 1977 and town status—in 1999.


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Churbanov Yakov
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Churbanov Yakov
Zehnovo (Zehnova) village, Chapel
Чурбанов Яков
Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh, Sertolovo
Churbanov Yakov
Churbanov Yakov
Guzhevo, working watermill
Churbanov Yakov
Village Zaostrovye, Arkhangelsk region, panoramic view of the Archangel. Creation - Yakov Churbanov
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Aviation Museum North Arkhangelsk Talagi, North Aircraft Museum
Churbanov Yakov
"Самшитовая Роща" отель, VIP-класс. Панорама 3D Расположен в г. Пицунда,Вид на вход
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Hotel Magnolija: Bečići, 85310 Budva, Montenegro, Boreti bb Bečići Crna Gora
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Loft Project "ETAGI" Roof
Churbanov Yakov
Medvezhy Island, Near village Vershinono, The Kenozersky National Park, Near village Vershinono, the Plesetsk District, the Arkhangelsk Region,Russian North
Churbanov Yakov
Pochozersky temple complex XVIII - XIX centuries. Filippovskaya village.kenozersky national park
Churbanov Yakov
view to art object "flying Dutchman" ,Village "Maselga"
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