Restaurant in former Montevecchio zinc lead mining village

Very friendly restaurant where you can have an excellent meal in Montevecchio mining style for a decent price

Copyright: Hans zijlstra
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 13512x6756
Uploaded: 10/04/2012
Updated: 12/05/2012


Tags: ristorante; montevecchio; villaggio minerario; guspini; sardegna; restaurant; mining village; sardinia
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Hans Zijlstra
Abandoned Montevecchio lead-zinc ore processing plant and tailings
Hans Zijlstra
Montevecchio abandoned lead-zinc mine gallery fais discharging polluting acid mine drainage into river Irvi
Hans Zijlstra
Century old ruins of Ingurtosu Zinc ore processing plant NF Sepia
Hans Zijlstra
Century old ruins of Ingurtosu zinc ore processing plant
Hans Zijlstra
Umbrella project plant revegetation trial plots at Naracauli mining waste site
Hans Zijlstra
Eroded concrete gallery along Naracauli zinc mining waste disposal site
Markus [meQ] Fischer
Marina Di Arbus
Hans Zijlstra
Perda S'Oliu Mine
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Fluminimaggiore, pedestrian footbridge over Riu Mannu creek
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Footbridge and ethnographic museum
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Woodbridge over the creek near the Sa Spendula waterfall
Paolo e Mauro Mattiello
Sa Spendula waterfall after the rain
samart khemwong
Wat Phra That Doi Wao
René van Gageldonk
From de series "beauty spots, Veere": townhall
Roy Reed
Lanyon Quoit - under the capstone
Mauro Innocenti
S'Ortu Mannu - Villamassargia
roman codavr
Киргизия. Ала-Арча. пик Кошевого 4280м
Dusan Skrabak
Za bunkrom BS-8 "Hřbitov"
omid jafarnezhad
*Jame Mosque Kerman*
Jens Ruppert
Altes Zollhaus 02763 Zittau, Herwigsdorfer Str.2
Viktor Vokic
Paris Metro Station - Alésia
Tadashi IKUTA
sake brewery
Dmitry Yurlagin
Peak Molodezhnyi, second summit
Heiko Pieper
Death Valley Dantes View Mountaintop
Hans Zijlstra
The Hollow Road
Hans Zijlstra
Century old ruins of Ingurtosu Zinc ore processing plant NF Sepia
Hans Zijlstra
Fort St Pieter 1701-1702 Maastricht
Hans Zijlstra
Balya North Tailings Dam North
Hans Zijlstra
Transition Gulpen and Maastricht Formation in the Maastrichtian of the Marnebel Quarry
Hans Zijlstra
Haliköy abandoned mercury sulfide mine seen from the road in the north
Hans Zijlstra
Green Train There
Hans Zijlstra
Pano saurus
Hans Zijlstra
Green Train Back
Hans Zijlstra
San Giovanni Mine rail road
Hans Zijlstra
Summer Garden Utrecht
Hans Zijlstra
Outside Nuraghe Piscu
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