Reykjavik Opera House
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Jan Straka
Inside Harpa concert hall
Johan Offermans & Karl Overholt
Harpa, Reykjavik, Iceland
Harpa (Reykjavik concert hall and conference centre) at night
Jürgen Matern
Standing at the Harpa in Reykjavík (Iceland)
Christian Obel
Reykjavik Opera House
Jan Koehn
Harpa - Concert Hall
Tom Mills
Fishermen Statue
Scott Harper
End of Dock at Reykjavík Harbor
Tom Mills
Statue of Ingólfur Arnarson
Tom Mills
Whale Trips and Museum
Scott Harper
Along the Dock at Reykjavík Harbor
Scott Harper
The Hub of Reykjavík
Ehcsimred schleuse herbrum aschendorf germany
Arnaud Chapin
Nurserie de Veaux
Scott Knauss
The Gigli of Nola
Randy Myers
Arc de Triomphe
Mark Schuster
Kanakan Village - Iran
bryant a gilbert
The Blue Water Bridge, Port Huron Michigan to Sarnia Ontario
Noel Jenkins
Robot milking parlour at Orway Farm, Devon
Ehcsimred bruecke nasses dreieck germany
Tibor Illes
Greek Folklor Dancing Group of Egion - XI. Rose Festival
Marcin Klaban
Old English Bus
Café Central
Kyrre Andersen
Midsummer Eve bonfire
Christian Obel
Christian Obel
Puig Campana
Christian Obel
Esrum Kloster
Christian Obel
Hakull, Kullaberg, Sweden
Christian Obel
After sunset from above Herjólfsdalur, Heimaey, Iceland
Christian Obel
Mt Teide, almost at the top
Christian Obel
Regelbau M272
Christian Obel
Christian Obel
Christian Obel
Teufelsberg NSA listening station
Christian Obel
Christian Obel
Val Thorens, France
More About Reykjavik

A nature paradise complete with icecap, glaciers, geysers, volcanoes, and waterfalls, the climate is surprisingly mild (considering its northerly latitude) thanks to the Gulf Stream. Iceland boasts a modern infrastructure – in fact, it’s just over 300,000 residents enjoy what is one of the most developed and egalitarian societies on the planet, where most of the energy is provided by renewable sources and virtually all of the electricity is generated from hydropower and geothermal energy.