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Rmillate Park is an expansive forest 20 minutes outside Tangier.  With breathtaking views of the Strait of Gibraltar, this park is definitely worth visiting on a multi-day trip to Tangier.  Upon arriving at Rmillate, you may completely forget the city you just left, being now surrounded by towering trees, a well laid-out dirt path and fresh air.  From the entrance, follow the dirt path down to the right to a set of strategically placed tree stumps, where you can spread out your picnic lunch; or head straight back on the paved road and dine at any of the little restaurants on the water.  The menu is basic, but the views from the restaurant terraces are worth it.   Mint tea is a must since you’re visiting Morocco, and the bisara (like split pea soup) is a great vegetarian alternative to the chicken and beef kabobs.

source   http://tangierhotels.net/blog/rmilat-park-tangier-rmillate-park/

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rmillate parc
Konrad Łaszczyński
Morocco, Tanger ruins by the sea
Konrad Łaszczyński
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Medina Street in Tangier
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Morocco, Tanger children at the seaside
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Morocco, Tanger hotel street view from the balcony
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Morocco, Tanger hotel downstairs
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Morocco, Tanger hotel upstairs
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Petit Souk, Tangier
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Glacier d Argentiere, Haute-Savoie, France
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Antwerp (Belgium) Central Station
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Back to the Future DeLorean Interior
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