Rouen, view from the coast Sainte-Catherine

Coast Sainte-Catherine offers one of the best views on both shores of Rouen.

It's from this point of view that the impressionist painter Claude Monet painted among others his "vue générale de Rouen" visible at the Museum of Fine Arts in the city.

The shot was taken in june 2014, in the end of the afternoon. Panorama made in HDR version (enfuse).

Reference : http://www.rouen.fr/saintecatherine (translated with help of Google Traduction)

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Copyright: Franck masschelein
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 10668x5334
Uploaded: 13/07/2014
Updated: 01/08/2014


Tags: coast; sainte catherine; viewpoint; rouen; france; hdr; enfuse
  • Günter Jibben 21 days ago
    Better late than never, Franck. ;) :D
  • Franck Masschelein 24 days ago
    Hi Veros, Thanks for your kind comment ! Regards.
  • Franck Masschelein 24 days ago
    Hi Jibbi, Oh, I just saw your comment now ! The Mathilde bridge should re-open... tomorrow ! Regards.
  • Veros Plakiotis 25 days ago
    French countryside is amazing. beautifull pano.
  • Günter Jibben 2 months ago
    Nice Place ! Where is the bridge? Is she under construction ?
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