s. Usakla (gorod360.com)

The village is located in Usakla Klyavlinskom near Samara. Here live the good and friendly people. There are many scenic spots. The district is not the big mountains and meadows.

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Tags: село; Усакла; Самарская область
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s. Usakla (gorod360.com)
Denis Afanasiev
Panorama u platformy pl81
Denis Afanasiev
Panorama u platformy pl m3
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Samara Blue Lake
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Aktash`s karst collapse
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Cjon Centenario, Papantla
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Plaza Tolsá
Samara seafront. (gorod360.com)
Street yard. Osipenko 32 (gorod360.com)
Botanical Garden of the Samara State University
Balaklava Bay (gorod360.com)
Монумент ракета-носитель «Союз» музея «Самара Космическая» (gorod360.com)
Square of Fame (gorod360.com)
5 Ключей
Next to the "Krasniy Yar" (gorod360.com)
Stone path to Eroshevskogo 3. (gorod360.com)
Park next to the avenue of a Lenin 1 (gorod360.com)
View from the "Shallop". (gorod360.com)
Cultural Exhibition Center "Rainbow"
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