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Водопад Саблинский на реке Tosna - вид с воды

Sablinsky waterfall on the river Tosna - on the water

Its height varies from year to year from 2 m to 4 m, the reason is that the variable vodopotok, erosion and other factors

     Speed of movement - from 20sm/year until 60sm/year

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Copyright: Дмитрий Красько
Type: Spherical
Resolution: 24590x12295
Uploaded: 03/06/2009
Updated: 23/09/2014


Tags: russian; waterfall; waterfalls; russian waterfalls
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Дмитрий Красько
Sablinsky waterfall on the river Sablinka
Дмитрий Красько
Sablinsky waterfall on the river Sablinka - top view
Anton Gulya-Yanovskiy
Малый Саблинский "водопад" (Sablino. Small waterfall)
Anton Gulya-Yanovskiy
14-й дом на 14-й улице в посёлке Ульяновка
Anton Gulya-Yanovskiy
Саблино. Старый дом. (Sablino. An old country house)
Dmitriy Krasko
Old Bridge in Nikolskoe town
Nikolskoe town Pervomaiskaya str 17 - 2
Dmitriy Krasko
Blue Cambrian clay, exposed in a quarry
Dmitriy Krasko
Izhora River bridge
Andrey Minenko
V Kolpino letom 09.07.11
Igor Konovalov
Russian Orthodox Church in St.Petersburg
Michael Pop
Timisoara Metropolitan Cathedral
Self-destruct Acala
Yavuz Sevimli - panoramikistanbul.com
Tunnel Passage
Bad Kleinkirchheim
Bathing Room - Karlbad
Michael Pop
Under the Clock Tower in Sighisoara
Ramin Dehdashti
Bagh-e Fin - The Fin Garden
Simon Blandford
Abu Dhabi Fishing Dhow Harbour
Heiner Straesser - derPanoramafotograf.com
Aizanoi2 cavdarhisar turkey
Thailand's Fathers Day
Tibor Illes
Favour church altar
C360.NL - Henri Smeets
Dam Square, Amsterdam
Mures County Prefecture's reception hall
Dmitriy Krasko
Sablinsky waterfall on the river Tosna - on the water
Dmitriy Krasko
Banquet hall Dickens Restaurant - Main Hall - Outdoor
Dmitriy Krasko
Leaves in the light of night
Dmitriy Krasko
Smolensk Lutheran Cemetery
Дмитрий Красько
Dmitriy Krasko
Bonfire of the teachers. School competition in the forest.
Дмитрий Красько
Valdaysky Iveron Monastery
Dmitriy Krasko
Pretty courtyard
Dmitriy Krasko
Hotel Amir Palace. Just room.
Dmitriy Krasko
Tunis Coliseum. Upper level
Dmitriy Krasko
Развалины старого дома.
Dmitriy Krasko
Embankment Smolenki near Smolensk Orthodox cemetery
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