Saint Aygulf Beach at Allée des Calanques

Located 5 km from Frejus, between Cannes and St. Tropez, the resort of Saint-Aygulf, Frejus area, offers a privileged setting on the banks of the Mediterranean in the heart of the Riviera. In an exceptional environment, changing aspect to every corner and always colorful, among the pines, mimosas, you will walk among the masterpieces of nature.

Featuring an exceptional amount of sunshine (over 300 days) authorizing sunbathing almost all year round, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches gently sloping region (3 km) waiting for you to practice all the activities water in a single bay washed by the Mediterranean.
You will taste the joys of walking through the pedestrian and bike paths. You will enjoy a round of 7 km in Villepey ponds, protected a stretch
of 255 acres where guests many birds: flamingos, swans, ducks (over 200 species have been observed).

From the hills, beautiful views of the bay extends Cerulean Frejus Saint-Raphael.

Source: http://www.france-voyage.com/frankreich-gemeinden/saint-aygulf-83801.htm

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