Saint Leu La Pointe Au Sel

Exceptional space, property of the Conservatory of the Coastal one, the Point to the salt to Holy leu is the only site where one makes salt to The Meeting.  The Museum of the salt is installed in the former store that served formerly storage to let the salt dry all just one extracts pools of evaporation of the water of sea.

In 1942, Etienne DUSSAC, owner of the sugar factory Stella Matutina and site of the Point to the salt, decided to industrialize the salt production, known long date to this place.  As early as 1944, the saline ones produce 250 tons of salt per year.  But after the war, the return of the importations in origin of Madagascar and of Maurice, condemns little by little the salt réunionnais, too dear. 

Today, the site is rehabilitated by the general counsel through a museum.

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