San Miguel de Lillo, Oviedo, World Heritage
San Miguel de Lillo, World Heritage San Miguel de Lillo, built on the Naranco mount, near Santa María, was built to be a church. Its sophisticated layout and construction technique allowed to make of it an extremely high building for the IXth century.
It's inner walls were richly decorated with paintings that pushed one step beyond the geometrical decorations of San Julián.
But probably due to its location -too near of a stream- and the instability of the ground on which it stands the proud construction collapsed down in the XIIIth century to a third of what it had been. A new apse was made to keep it going.
The original layout of the church is marked on the outside by a line made of pieces of wood.

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Copyright: Inaki Rezola
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Inaki Rezola
San Miguel de Lillo, Oviedo, World Heritage
Inaki Rezola
San Miguel de Lillo, Oviedo, World Heritage
Inaki Rezola
San Miguel de Lillo, Oviedo, World Heritage
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